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How was the trip in Zimbabwe for maize milling machine business?

How was the trip in Zimbabwe for maize milling machine business?

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa was in China on a five-day state visit last week, this is his first outside of Africa since assuming power last November. China’s Xi tells Zimbabwe president they should write ‘new chapter’ in ties. The relationship between Zimbabwe and China is more and more close in these years, not only in political, cultural exchanges but also on economic exchanges.  
Last month Hongdefa client from Gweru in Zimbabwe invited our team for visiting Zimbabwe and he wanted to discuss more about a new factory of wheat flour mill machine. My workmate Mrs Vanisa and Boss Mr Guo had visited three cities in Zimbabwe, Harare,Gweru and Bulawayo from 4th April 2018 to 10 April 2018.
It was a really nice and pleasant trip in Zimbabwe for meeting with customers who wants to buy maize milling machines and wheat flour mill machines.
Hongdefa team first take the fast train from home Shijiazhuang city to Beijing city,which is just one and half hours trip, then they take a shuttle bus from Beijing Xi train station to Beijing international airport. This time our team transit from Addis ababa,Ethiopia to Harare,Zimbabwe. In Addis ababa we have set up a branch office for flour milling machine and maize milling machine business.


On 4 April and 5 April, our team stay in The Rainbow Towers Hotel which is recommended by our clients, its really a comfortable and beautiful one.  
On 6 April 2018, the Gweru client have picked us from Harare and we drive together to Gweru and come to see the 90T/24H maize milling machine which is running already three years. It was in 2015, the Gweru, Zimbabwe client ordered this 90T/24H maize milling machine and in 2016 its installed smoothly and started the production of maize grits.
For this 90T/24H maize milling machine, it use Japan technology degerminator, which can produce “super white” maize grits of different sizes. The moisture dampener is two layer and stainless steel. In the milling section, it use pneumatic roller mill, For the sifting, normally for big maize flour mill, we have different choices, plansifter or double section sifters, for this client, we have made the special design for him as his workshop building is just about 7 meters. This is the inside photo of the maize milling factory.  

Before coming we have selected elaborately a special gift for the Zimbabwe client, this is the China traditional Peking Opera Make-up. The client are so happy to receive this special gift from Hongdefa. Thanks for all customers support.
We also manufacture other capacities of maize milling machines and wheat flour mill machines with different design for different market.
  This is 50-150T/24H maize milling machine installed in Nigeria.
This is our 150T/24h maize milling machine running in Kenya for four years already.  

This is the 300T/24H flour milling machine ,right now installing in Afghanistan.
After the one-week visiting in Zimbabwe, right now our team Mr.Guo and Mrs. Vanisa came to Addis ababa for a short visit, they are now in Addis ababa and will pay a visiting to the old customer ,who installed our 120T/24H wheat milling factory. Boss Mr.Guo will check the branch offices work and do the inspection of after-sale services.

Nowadays the world is like a village, every year we will visit Africa such as Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana for some times, hope we can meet each other next time.

In June we will come to Dar es salaam,Tanzania for Sabasaba Trade Fair, welcome to meet our team in Tanzania! If you have interests on the maize milling machine or wheat flour milling machine, please contact us at +86 132 2344 2174 ,(wechat and whatsApp). Our email is jane@hdfmill.com.

Looking forward to meeting with you soon!
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