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[inwave_price_box title=”10T / 24H maize mill machine” icon_size=”26px” icon=”iwf-sharedhosting” price=”$26800″ purchase_text=”Read More” purchase_link=” http://hongdefa.com//index.php/10t24hr-milling-machine/” price_desc=” starting price” img=”3367″]

  •  Small and easily operated
  • Good for a starting maize mill project
  • complete production line containing all parts
  • Stainless Steel Pipes


[inwave_price_box title=”20T / 24H maize mill machine” icon_size=”26px” icon=”iwf-cloudhosting” price=”$40800″ purchase_text=”Read more” purchase_link=” http://hongdefa.com//index.php/20t-maize-mill-machine/” price_desc=”starting price” img=”3368″]

  • PLC control system
  • Stainless steel pipes
  • Degerminator  Japan Technology and South Africa
  • Running in Uganda, Kenya,Zambia


[inwave_price_box title=”30T / 24H maize mill plant” icon_size=”26px” icon=”iwf-servers” price=”$ 48300″ purchase_text=”Read more” purchase_link=” http://hongdefa.com//index.php/30t-maize-milling-plant/” price_desc=” Starting Price ” img=”3369″]

  • Stainless steel pipes
  • PLC control system
  • De-germinator Japan Technology and South Africa
  • Bi-direction stainless steel Moisture damper


[inwave_price_box title=”50T / 24H maize mill machine” icon_size=”26px” icon=”iwf-servers” price=” $ 166000″ purchase_text=”Read more” purchase_link=” http://hongdefa.com//index.php/50t-maize-milling-machine/ ” price_desc=” Starting Price ” img=”3370″]

  • Special design for Africa
  • PLC Controlling System
  • Automatic Roller Mill
  • Japan degerminating system for super white maize flour, meal, grits and maize samp


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Hongdefa machinery is a professional Corn milling machine,maize milling machine,wheat milling machine manufacturer and exporter.Hongdefa was established in 2002,more than 300 employees and the main factory is located in Shijiazhuang,China.


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We have operation mills in more than 30countries.Some of which are Uganda,Kenya,Tanzania,South Africa,Zimbabwe,Zambia,Ethiopia,Brazil, Egypt, Algeria,etc. Hongdefa has 3branch office in Africa,Lusaka/Zambia, Kinshasa/RD Congo,Addis Ababa/Ethiopia.


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Our  milling machines have obtained CE certification,ISO9000 certification,SGS certification,BV certification and have a unique flow sheet in which one set machine can process 3 kinds of maize products,sifted super white maize meal,partly sifted flour,whole meal.


[inwave_cta button_text=”SEE MORE” button_link=”http://hongdefa.com//index.php/shop/” style=”style4″ button_style=”button3″ overlay=”1″ link=”#”]Increasing demand of our Machines is an indicator towards our efforts to excel in quality promotion. To-day our Machine Tools have been approved by actual users as of top most quality and having performance up to standards in India & Abroad.[/inwave_cta]
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Hongdefa was established in 2002,more than 300 employees.Have operation mills...

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[inwave_info_item title=”Our milling Machines” icon=”fa fa-newspaper-o” style=”style2″]We offer milling machines that are fabricated from the finest quality raw materials and are stringently quality tested. These machines are known for their robust construction and high efficiency. We offer these machines in various models and at most reasonable prices.[/inwave_info_item]
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[inwave_heading title=”OUR PRECIOUS CLIENTS ” style=”style2″ align=”center”]As a client oriented enterprise, our main objective is to make superior range of engineering products for our customers. To satisfy the changing demands of the customers, we continuously develop new and innovated machineries.[/inwave_heading]