300T/24hr Wheat Milling Machine


Wheat Flour Mill Project,Wheat Flour Mill Plant

capacity 300T/24h

mill wheat to different kind of flour, like bread flour,cake flour etc

This wheat flour mill project is complete line include wheat flour cleaning machine wheat milling machine,and flour

packing machine .


Design of the wheat flour mill 



auto roller mill 


PLC control system 

Cleaning Technology:Three sieves,two beating,three  removing stone, four  magnetic  selecting ,two moisture temper,one fog moisture. This producing line  adopts second moisture wheat technology. This increases the toughness of coat and  assures the complete of bran.


Milling Technology: Twelve  Milling,six Six-bin square sifter  , four Purifier and 2Bran finishers.The characteristics of the technology are purifiers with  wheat duster,  assured more good quality wheat flow into the central mill. Assured flour rate and quality.


Dust Controlling system: Inside the workshop when the SiO2<=10%;the dust rate<10mg/m³      Dust output <=150mg/m³


Noise control:dB(A)<85


The parameter for300T/D wheat flour mill project

1.Total length of the roller:30000mm

2.Capacity(wheat/24h): 300T/24h

3.Flour extraction: To produce standard flour:75-82%

To produce grade 2flour: 72-75%

To produce grade 1flour: 70-72%

4.Power supply:899.51

5.Container: 40’×16

6.Installing time: four-six   months

7.Delivery timing: 120days after receiving the payment