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300T/24H Wheat Flour Mill Plant

Our Hongdefa company provide the wheat flour mill line with 300T/24h capacity,which combine with technical and more advanced experience.

It can process wheat with volume weight of aboving 750g/L,red wheat and white wheat take half and half,soft wheat and hard wheat take half and half.

This wheat flour mill is a complete line, from wheat cleaning system to flour milling system, then go to flour pack system.

Technics for cleaning system:

Three sieves, two beating, one brush wheat, three removing stone, two termper moisture and four magnetic selecting.

Technics for flour milling system:

Sixteen MMD10×2 mills , five FSFG8×24F square sifters sieve and five Purifier make up of 5B.7 M.2S.2T and 4bran grinder.

The parameter for 300T/D wheat flour milling machinery

  1. Total length of the roller: 32000mm
  2. Capacity(wheat/24h):   300T/24h
  3. Flour extraction:  to produce grade 2 flour:72 -76%

                                        to produce grade 1 flour: 66-70%

                              Ash: to produce grade 2 flour: 0.80%(dry weight)

                                         to produce grade 1 flour: 0.65%(dry weight)

  1. Flour quality: China’s GB1355-88 standard ( base on China grade 3 wheat)

Index of grade 3 wheat

Volume weight/g/L

Faultiness grain content/%

Impurity content/%

Mineral content/%

Moisture content/%

Odor content/%







  1. Power supply: 1641KW
  2. Total weight of the equipment: 320T
  3. Dimension of the factory: 52000×12000×32000mm
  4. Container: 40’× 26(two high)