HDFM-20T/24H Maize milling Machine

PLC control system
Stainless steel pipes
Degerminator JapanTechnology and South Africa
Running in Uganda, Kenya,Zambia

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This is the running maize mill in Nairobi/Kenya.The core technologies of our group are in the field of wheat flour mill and maize mill process engineering, with European technology, South Africa maize process, China wheat process, roll out unique and innovative wheat flour and maize meal processing line.

Kenya developing very fast, also the maize mill business is, for the maize mill machine, the market request can produce different kinds of maize meal, like sifted degermed super white maize meal, part degermed maize meal,or whole maize meal. So one machine should produce the three kinds.This set of maize mill machine is specially designed for Kenya market.

Professionally we supply the 20T/D small maize mill machine to produce different grades meal and grits through special technical design for  our customers needs which are;

  • Stainless steel Pipes contact with material
  • PLC Control
  • Degerminator: Japan and South Africa Technology
  • Stainless steel, Bin- direction screw, prevent free water.
  • Novel structure, discharging equally, less noise, good stability, easy operation, convenient maintenance etc.