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[inwave_heading title=”OUR SERVICES” style=”style5″]We engage in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a vast array of Maize Miller Machinery developed by using finest materials in accordance to the international stardards to our customers.[/inwave_heading][inwave_button button_text=”HIRE US” style=”button3″ class=”hire-us-button”]
[inwave_info_item title=”Manufacturing Milling Machines” icon=”iwf-desklamp” icon_size=”56″ link=”#” style=”style5″]We manufacture a variety of milling machines.These include maize milling machines, flour milling machines ,corn milling machines and corn milling machines.We have 5t/24h HDFM, 10t/24h HDFM, 20t/24h HDFM, 30t/24h HDFM, 50t/24h HDFM, 100t/24h HDFM,150t/24h HDFM, 200t/24h HDFM and 500t/24h HDFM milling machines.

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[inwave_info_item title=”EXPORT MILLING MACHINES” icon=”fa fa-rocket” icon_size=”56″ link=”#” style=”style5″]We have operation mills more than 30countries,Uganda,Kenya,Tanzania,South Africa,Zimbabwe,Zambia,Ethiopia,Brazil, Egypt, Algeria,etc. Hongdefa has 3branch office in Africa,Lusaka/Zambia, Kinshasa/RD Congo,Addis Ababa/Ethiopia.

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Output of our machines

[inwave_info_item title=”01″ icon_size=”190″ style=”style4″ img=”3182″]MAIZE GRAINS[/inwave_info_item]
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[inwave_info_item title=”04″ icon_size=”190″ style=”style4″ img=”3185″]READY FOR A MEAL[/inwave_info_item]
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