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70t/24h maize mill finish loading

This week, hongdefa 70t/24h maize mill machine finished loading. this machine will ship to Kenya. It can produce super white maize flour to make Ugali. #hongdefa #maizemill #Kenya #Ugali

degerminator in maize mill machine

#Degerminator is a main machine in the maize milling machine, this one uses advanced technology, it can remove the bran and germ efficiently, then get different sizes of maize grits, meal, and flour. #hongdefa#maizemillmachine


100t/24h maize mill machine in Ethiopia

Hongdefa 100t/24h maize mill plant has finished installation in Ethiopia this week. This maize mill machine can produce maize flour, maize grits, maize meal, etc. #maizemillmachine #maizemillplant #maizemill #hongdefa

Hongdefa maize mill machine