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Arrange to delivery the maize mill machines and wheat flour mill machines

January is a busy month to our factory, we have following goods will be loaded:

12containers for Lusaka/Zambia client 240t/24h maize mill machine on 12th -14th Jan;

240tons maize flour milling machines in Zambia

10 containers for Addis Ababa/Ethiopia client 150T flour mill machine on 15th -17th Jan;

120t wheat flour mill machines in Zimbabwe

8 containers for Abuja/Nigeria client 120T/24H flour mill machine on 18th -19th Jan;

3 containers for Kampala/Uganda client 50T/24H maize mill machine on 22nd Jan;

2 containers for Mombasa/Kenya client 30T/24H maize mill machine no 25th Jan;

1 container for Arusha/Tanzania client 20T/24H maize mill machine on 27th Jan.

Please is there any news about your maize mill project?

When do you plan to start your maize mill business, within one month or 6 month or further?

Welcome visit our factory to see how Hongdefa manufacture the mill machine, see loading the containers, see the successful project 100t/24h milling plant done by Hongdefa.

Any further about our machines, please ask us freely


Jane Liu

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