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50t maize milling machine

maize milling machine 50tpd


Mansa/Chitanda/Lusaka  Zambia running maize milling machine Zambia 50tpd

50T/d maize milling machine is middle capacity milling machine, which processing maize 50T/24h.

The technical flow for 50T/24h is more advanced, it can use Japan Degerminator or American degerminator according to different useful of the germ



The endosperm is for the maize meal, the skin and germ can go for the chops. So the maize milling target is to take more endosperm from the maize, to make the maize meal.


Cleaning section of the maize mill machine

Moisture damper:stainless steel inside and outside, double screw which can mix the water and maize uniform, and less free water. Making the good foundation of the degerminator

Degerminator:Japan/American design. Japan type degerminator is vertical one, and American degerminator is horizontal one. According the technical flow to choose different type

Rotating sieve:can take the germ out, to get pure germ, and the germ can use for oil press